The Summer Storage Season lasts from May 1st thru September 31st for a total of 5 months of indoor storage.

For the Summer Storage Season, the spaces are limited and the building is arranged in a manner to allow for the stored items to be positioned into :

        40ea - single 25' deep diagonal stalls on each side of the building
        4ea - single 25' deep stalls in front of the 20' side rollup doors
        4ea - single 30' deep stalls in front of the 20' side rollup doors
        12ea - single 40' deep stalls in the back of the building

We have electrical service available in certain locations for customers who would like to keep their units plugged in or are just requesting occasional electrical use.

The Summer Storage Season has a unique feature -- the electronic door entry system. Each renter will receive an assigned stall and unique 6 digit access code with allows the flexibility to "come" and "go" and each tenant wishes without requiring any appointment.
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Summer Storage Rates
Premier Ventures, LLC has the most competitive rates in Yankton.

For units of up to 27' -- Stalls are $55.00 / Month
For units between 28' to 35' -- Stalls are $75.00 / Month
For units 36' and up -- Stalls are $110.00 / Month

Occasional Electrical Service is $2.00 / Month
To keep Unit plugged in is $8.00 / Month

Reservations are required to guarantee a summer storage location.

Please contact us if you have any questions
Summer Storage