The Winter Storage Season lasts from October 1st thru April 31st of the following year for a total of 7 months of indoor storage.

During the Winter Storage Season, the stored Boats / RV's / Campers / Vehicles / Pontoons are positioned into rows 7 wide by 12 deep ( depending on length ) being filled from back of the building to the front.

Typically, if the stored item enters the storage building early in the winter season, it will be towards the middle to the end of April when access to the unit is available for removal.

If you wish an "Early Out" in the spring, Premier Ventures would request that the stored item be brought in later in the month of October so the item will be positioned towards the front of the building.

In any event, Premier Ventures, LLC will work with all customers if their item needs to be removed prior to the end of the storage season.

Premier Ventures, LLC does own a small tractor so stored items can be adjusted or relocated as required to aid in the storage and removal of the tenants item.
Winter Storage Rates
Premier Ventures, LLC has the most competitive rates in Yankton and provide the most flexibility with lease agreements by not requiring any long term lease.

Reservation are required to guarantee a winter storage location.

Please contact us if you have any questions
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